Be Jelly!! But what is it?

What comes to mind when you hear the word jelly? What is it? While most of us in the US are thinking breakfast, in Italy they have no idea. People look at you for few seconds pretending they know what it is and then the fashion editors say ¨Ma che cos’e’ sto jelly?¨ You can find jelly in the streets of New York, Miami, Milan, St. Tropez and even in Frankfurt.. and still nobody knows what it is- they just know they love it! Jelly is soft like candy, sexy, fabulous, clever, and comes in colors never seen before!

¨It’s chic. It´s eco. It´s eco-chic¨- repeats Sebastiano Di Bari, co-founder and President of the brand that carries the name of his partner and wife Carmen Sol. ¨Our jelly product is about happiness and simplicity, exactly what Carmen represents to me in our almost 20 years together¨ Very reserved and exclusive, Carmen Sol is a New York based retailer turned fashion designer. ¨She is that kind of person that if you have the opportunity to meet even for few seconds, you never forget. Her positive attitude and beautiful smile¨ 

If you’ve heard of Carmen Sol, you would know that our designs are made 100% jelly. Plastic is a thing of the past and Carmen Sol wanted to reinvent the fashion world the eco-way.  Fashion should be about helping the environment and with its Prop 65 compliant jelly and eco-friendly packaging, we stand by being non-toxic.

With designs made in Italy and designed in NYC, the Italian press has taken a liking to the jelly collection. You’ll see the “plastic” trends on the runway from dresses, shoes to bags of Chanel, Balmain, Valentino and Burberry but Carmen Sol doesn't blend in with the others. Carmen Sol is strictly made with Jelly and it is prop-65 compliant, all packaging and corporate material of the brand are eco-friendly to set forth a trend of now and the future. ¨Carmen envisioned the trend about 30 months ago when we started to develop a collection for our store in the Dominican Republic entirely made of Italian jelly and was an instant success!¨- continues Sebastiano on his way back from Greece, the latest market being jellied.

Back to Jelly… weatherproof, water and slip resistant makes our styles perfect for the beach and any other travel. They once again are made in Italy, available in 14 different colors and come in eco-friendly packaging. The uniqueness not only comes from the jelly itself but the designs are rose scented. A delicate scent of the red petal of the Vatican roses and you won’t help but fall in love! With everything being crafted with Prop 65, we guarantee on the highest quality jelly. Did we mention it’s easy to clean, you can even use soap and water?

Being originated in Italy, in the brand press conference last week, the Italian press had their eye-brows raised in interest of what our jelly is all about, just bellissimo!

With excitement, we’ve heard great things from Italy and can’t wait to show the entire world the trend of Carmen Sol jelly! We want the words eco and chic to pop into your head and you automatically think Carmen Sol.



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