Since the start in 2015, Carmen Sol wanted to design a classic collection, but most importantly eco-conscious.  She was a pioneer at the time for values that are now  essential part of the fashion industry and any others.
Knowing that she was working with PVC, the challenge was not a easy one so she used a comprehensive approach from A to Z working each detail of the collection looking at the environmental aspect. She thought to the entire process from the raw material to the label, from the business cards to the shopping bags. She had in mind to design a product that was an essential piece above trends to be recycled, reused and repurposed. 
Our suppliers are all based in Italy and are all aligned to the high European standard of sustainability and traceability. We don't use water and the waste produced is minimum. All material used are recyclable or recycled.
Every Carmen Sol product is eco-conscious, 100% recyclable and is designed to make a statement without leaving an impact on the environment.

We support sustainable fashion and we are committed to the longevity of the planet. How?

All our jelly products are certified non-toxic and California Prop. 65 Compliant (What's This?).

All of our packaging is eco-friendly, including dust bags and shoe boxes made of recyclable material.
The jelly material we use is 100% recyclable, that means that your product can be reused to create new product.
Also our PVC jelly material is vegan and cruelty-free, which means that no animal was harmed to make our product. 
When you shop in our retail stores, enjoy our new recyclable shopping bags and packaging. All. strictly recyclable.