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September 24, 2022 2 min read

In 2022's reboot-heavy culture, nostalgia rules supreme: today's fashion obsessives pay homage to the traditional trends by supporting classics from the 1990s. 

Is there a fashion trend that everyone seems to be enjoying? The jelly shoe trend!

The modern version of the children's footwear favorite is functioning on a different tier than its earlier version, with luxury fashion labels like Valentino, Gucci, and Carmen Sol taking twists on the PVC plastic classic. From studded sandals and jelly wedge sandals to jelly slides and metallic jelly shoes, you can find a huge variety of jelly shoes for women.

Are you searching for a pair of perfect women’s jelly sandals? Here is all you need to know.

Jelly Shoes for Women

Slick Slides

Do you want a simple sandal design to put on without compromising style? Try a slide-on option that is incredibly stylish, comfy, and chic. The jelly slick slides go well with your favorite casual ensemble or beach dress, whether you choose a big heel or something flat.

Vibrant Chunky Sandals

Choose these shoes with a thicker sole and durable straps for days when you want something a little trendier. Metallic jelly shoes like Tonino Wedge are a good choice if you're feeling particularly daring and bold.

Funky Flat Jelly Shoes

Try pared-back versions with a dash of fun through a bold color or quirky flat jelly shoes if you'd want to explore the trend, but want to keep your footwear a little simpler. Add a straw bag to the set to complete the summery feel.

Fisherman Sandal

If you miss the oldies and classics, choose a rubberized version of the fisherman sandal; you will like the chunky-soled designs from Carmen Sol.

Carmen Sol – A One–Stop Shop for Your Jelly Shoes Collection

Luxury brands like Carmen Sol have interpreted and integrated the daring jelly wedge sandals in their ways in 2022. Carmen Sol has taken the jelly shoe collection to the next level by adding sustainability, chicness, and quality to its jelly shoe collection. The brand has given an amazing adult update to their jelly sandals women’s range.

Its styles are often the go-to silhouette. While there are many new possibilities in the classic version, you can also discover options with more minimal and trend-forward approaches. Carmel Sol proves that there isn't a one-size-fits-all trend in making jelly shoes.

This implies that you can find something rubbery to wear with a casual shoe to go with your denim cutoffs or cottage core dress for a picnic.

The company has a great selection of eco-friendly water slides, jelly heels, studded sandals, and jelly platform sandals that you can add to your collection. For instance, all Franco slides are made of rose-infused jelly, which gives them their eco-chic and green attributes.

The contoured foot bases of the slide increase its water and weather resistance. This footwear's major characteristic is its straightforward yet smart design.

Summing Up

Women's jelly sandals are revamping the style statement with their chic designs. They are a perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. Browse through Carmen Sol’s jelly shoe collection to explore your everyday footwear.


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