Placeholder Introducing Carmen Sol's Jelly Collection: The Hottest Jelly Shoes for Kids this Season -

July 04, 2023 3 min read

On June 19 Carmen Sol launched their vibrant kids collection with a fancy party at the private club Casa Cipriani in NYC. Co-founders and partners in life Carmen Sol Espejo and Sebastiano Di Bari (in the main image above) invited a selected list of 60 guests to attend the event. Among others brand lovers Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin attended the event to support the launch. 

When it comes to stylish and comfortable footwear for kids, nothing beats the trendy and playful appeal of jelly shoes. And this season, Carmen Sol's Jelly Collection takes the spotlight, offering a range of eye-catching and durable jelly shoes specifically designed for kids. From vibrant colors to adorable designs, Carmen Sol has created a collection that will make your little ones stand out in style.

Carmen Sol is a renowned brand known for its high-quality jelly shoes and accessories. With a focus on both fashion and functionality, they have captured the hearts of parents and children alike. The brand's dedication to providing comfortable and stylish footwear shines through in their latest collection of jelly shoes for kids.

The Jelly Collection by Carmen Sol features an array of designs and colors that will appeal to kids of all ages. From toddlers to pre-teens, there is a perfect pair of jelly shoes waiting to be discovered. Whether your child prefers a classic style or wants to make a bold fashion statement, Carmen Sol has something for everyone.

One of the standout features of Carmen Sol's Jelly Collection is the durability of their shoes. Made from high-quality PVC material, these jelly shoes are built to withstand the active lifestyle of kids. They are water-resistant, making them ideal for summer adventures at the beach or poolside fun. The sturdy construction ensures that these shoes can handle rough play and keep up with your child's energetic movements.

Comfort is another key aspect that Carmen Sol prioritizes in theirJelly Collection for Kids. The shoes are designed with a soft and flexible sole, providing ample support for little feet. The jelly material is lightweight, allowing for easy movement and all-day comfort. Your child will feel like they are walking on clouds while wearing Carmen Sol's jelly shoes..

The Jelly Collection offers a wide range of colors to choose from, ensuring that there's a pair to match every outfit and personal style. From vibrant pinks and blues to pastel hues and glittery finishes, Carmen Sol has thoughtfully curated a palette that appeals to the young fashion enthusiasts. These shoes are not only fashionable but also versatile, making them suitable for both casual outings and special occasions.

Parents can rest easy knowing that Carmen Sol'sKids Jelly Collection prioritizes safety as well. The shoes are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and lead, ensuring that your child's delicate feet are protected. The non-slip soles provide stability and prevent accidents, allowing your little ones to explore and play with confidence.

In conclusion, Carmen Sol's Jelly Collection offers the hottest and most stylish jelly shoes for kids this season. With their durable construction, comfortable fit, and fashionable designs, these shoes are a must-have for any fashion-forward child. Whether it's a day at the beach, a family picnic, or a playdate with friends, Carmen Sol's jelly shoes will keep your child's feet happy and stylish. So why wait? Explore the Jelly Collection today and let your child step into a world of fashion and fun!

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