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November 29, 2021 3 min read

The Jelly purses from Carmen Sol, the eco-chic brand that has reinvented the jelly as a lifestyle brand, are made from soft PVC jelly 100% Made in Italy. The Carmen Sol jelly bags, vibrantly colored and rose infused, look great and are lightweight and easy to carry. But when should you use them? Are jelly purses for fashion or for when you need to be practical? Let’s look at the evidence for both and decide.


Jelly Purses as a Fashion Item


Here at Carmen Sol, we design jelly purses with fashionistas in mind. That is why you’ll find a variety of colors, such as red, blush, purple, black, white, tan, and grey. We also have a range of shiny metallics hand painted.


When it comes to jelly purse styles, we offer an incredible selection. We have clutch bags, totes in a variety of sizes, and cross body bags.


Whatever your style, we have jelly bags to match! They are the perfect accessory for any fashionista looking to add a distinctive piece to their look. You can even choose from a range of charms to add even more of your own personality to your jelly purse.


Jelly Purses: a Utility Item


The Carmen Sol jelly bags are practical, easy to clean, and dependable. Our soft PVC is very easy to clean. You won’t need to machine or dry clean a Carmen Sol bag. Simply wipe it down with a soft cloth. Dependable? It doesn’t get much more dependable than having a go-anywhere bag that can be set on a countertop or even restaurant floor. When you can just wipe it clean, you don’t have to worry about constantly looking for a safe place to put your jelly purse. And don't worry about the weather and the rain, the jelly bags are waterproof and water resistant.


Our jelly purses are roomy. The sides are firm enough to keep your belongings organized without the purse bulging at the sides. You can easily find your lip gloss, keys, or wallet. Want to ramp up the practicality even more? Add our jelly purse organizer.


As for practicality, you can be proud to own a jelly purse. They are recyclable, and our entire brand is eco-conscious.


If you are looking for a bag that ticks all the utility boxes – practical, easy to clean, easy to use, dependable – look no further than Carmen Sol.


The best of both worlds


So, it looks like our jelly purses are the best of both worlds! They are super stylish and fun for the fashionista, yet practical and purposeful for times you need a purse that works just as hard as you do.

Not convinced yet? Consider this scenario: it’s the weekend and your friends want to go to the beach. No problem. Your roomy, blush, metallic jelly purse is big enough to hold your essentials plus your swimwear and your sunscreen. Just toss the towel over your shoulder and go. You are hitting the cute new restaurant right after, but there is no need to take along yet another purse. Your jelly bag is cute and fun enough to be the perfect accessory to your outfit. And finally with the Carmen Sol jelly big purses you look chic and fabulous.




Our jelly purses mean you can look and feel great no matter what your day holds.


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