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September 24, 2022 3 min read

The classically designed aviator sunglasses never seem to lose their appeal. Over the years, they have become a must-have accessory. You probably have seen many pilots wearing aviator glasses before, or you may have worn them yourself.

With a double bridge that follows the contour of the nose and a unique teardrop-shaped lens, the design of these sunglasses has a wide and thin metal frame that is readily recognizable.

Designed frame and extremely black or reflective lenses ensure optimal protection from sunlight. The American Army Air Corps originally designed aviators for more practical purposes during World War II, but they have since become one of the most popular eyewear designs worldwide.

If you’re fond of wearing shades, particularly Aviator sunglasses,Carmen Sol’s revamped, classic pilot glasses are for you. Keep on reading to learn more about the beautiful shades.

Carmen Sol’s Aviator Glasses - Timeless and Fashion Forward

The gorgeous colors of Italy inspired Carmen Sol to revamp traditional Aviator sunglasses. The lenses are tone-on-tone, gradient with glossy frames. The stunning glasses come in various colors, including olive green and violet. Handcrafted in Italy, Aviator glasses from Carmen Sol use vegan leather and recyclable fabric.

The glasses can complement any face shape with their timelessness. The pilot glasses are ideal for those with a square, oval or heart-shaped face. That is to say, there is something for everyone in this classic staple collection, from men's aviators in large designs to women's aviators in tiny lenses.

People with square faces appear better in oval lens aviators to balance the symmetry, while those with oblong faces can work with bigger options in Carmen Sol’s aviator sunglasses.

How Can You Style Aviator Sunglasses?

Go with Casual

As said above, Aviators are stylish and sporty accessories that go with everything, from casual attire like t-shirts and jeans to the most glam looks. Because of their strong look, it is better not to pair the sunglasses with other strong pieces of clothing. Over-accessorizing may diminish the real vibe of aviators.

Avoid Overdoing Accessories

You'll want to step out in style when leaving your home after a long time. You can coordinate your aviator sunglasses with a simple watch or piece of jewelry. However, if you do anything too flashy, your sunglasses will not get the attention they deserve. For instance,gold aviator glasses are perfect for a classy look and don’t need additional accessories.

Choose wisely for Formal Looks

Formal attires are not a good match for aviator sunglasses. It is because the shades give off a sportier or more relaxed vibe. Try not to pair them with business attires, especially for events like conferences or formal meetings.

However, if your business attire is not too formal, you may choose to wear black orgold aviator shades. When opting for a formal professional look, use light-colored sunglasses.

Wear Aviators with an Attitude

Aviators complement your confident and courageous soul. If you wear the strong silhouette, at the very least, do so with some self-assurance. Don't let your effort show, as movie stars do, even if you're working really hard. 

Summing Up

Aviator sunglasses exude style, attitude, and elegance when worn right. If you're not sure which sunglasses will suit your face cut and personality, check out Carmen Sol’s chic collection and find the best option for yourself.

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