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September 24, 2022 2 min read

If you’re fond of rainy days but feel hesitant to go out and enjoy the weather just because you don’t have the right shoes, Carmen Sol’s Jelly Puddle Boots are for you.

Extremely practical and functional, the rubber heel boots are the perfect choice of boots for women for the monsoon. The vibrant rivets and shiny finishing of jelly ankle booties make them an ideal choice for keeping your feet safe from the rainwater. For these boots, it is better to choose one size bigger than the shoe size you wear.  

Like other products such as jelly bags and jelly purses, the puddle shoes also come in dreamy and natural shades. The stunning pair of footwear is incredibly adaptable and versatile to your daily life activities. This chic vegan jelly ankle boots perfectly match all your summer outfits and can protect you from rainy days. 

Want to learn more about this exquisite pair of women ankle boots, keep scrolling down.

Defining  Attributes  of  Jelly  Puddle  Boots

Jelly ankle booties are highly waterproof and durable, offering great traction for wet and rainy conditions. It comes with a strong rubber shell and fine cotton lining to offer impeccable weather resistance. The shape of the booties makes it easier to pull the shoes on.

Whether you’re going to work, running short errands, or planning for a hike, the protective booties are extremely useful. These creatively designed jelly puddle booties make the perfect fit with casual outfit. Also, the slip-ons offer amazing warmth and can perform great in rainy seasons.

Made of recyclable PVC, jelly puddle boots are the high-value choice when you need specific footwear for the season to protect yourself. These fashionable puddle booties from Carmen Sol are supremely comfortable, breathable, and vegan. Plus, they come with a humidity control insole to keep your feet dry.

Studded jelly ankle boots are;

  • Made in Italy
  • Vegan
  • Use quality cotton lining
  • Use recyclable PVC of premium quality
  • Use the comfy and soft flatform
  • 8 inch chunky and long-lasting rubber heel
  • Sustainable
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • PROP65 compliant


Compared to other rain boots like the Bottega boots,  the Carmen Sol puddle boots make an ideal comfort fit. Its toe box is relatively larger than any ordinary slip-on boots is. If your feet are wider, you’ll find the puddle boots roomier. The flatform inside the boots makes them comfier and easy to wear if you’re on a long trip.

The puddle boots by Carmen Sol are made of vegan material. That means they are not only washable but also extremely durable. Stylish, chic, and colorful, the stunning jelly puddle shoes keep you safe from rainwater and prevent dirt, grim, and moisture from entering your footwear.

Summing  Up

The fashionable and modern range of Jelly puddle boots from Carmen Sol is a great add-on to your style game. Ideal for the rainy season, the chic boots come with perfect practical features to help you make your trips hassle-free.  Thus, visit Carman Sol’s site to order jelly puddles of your favorite color.

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