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August 17, 2021 3 min read

If there is one thing every woman can agree on, it is that a good brand plays an important role in developing a fantastic style sense. To see proof, look no further than Dolores Catania, Vero Pliego, Gizelle Bryant, Teresa Giudice, Kameron Scott, and Lizzie Rovsek. These stylish modern-day housewives established themselves as experts in different fields.

By choosing a brand like Carmen Sol and its products like jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, jelly purses, studded purses and jelly beach bags, rubber beach bags these beautiful housewives have shown that looking stylish and chic has nothing to do with your age. It is all about what you choose to wear and feel comfortable in.

Carmen Sol is EVERYTHING that a woman expects it to be. When you see lots of powerful women like Lizzie Rovsek (a former Miss Kentucky) wearing eco-chic jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals and jelly purses it is enough to convince you how credible Carmen Sol is.

Let’s get into the details to find out more about these housewives and why they like Carmen Sol.

Popular Housewives from the Reality show

Popular reality TV personality Bettheny Frankl is known for her role in the hot favorite show “The Housewives of the New York City.” The show’s popularity made Betheny one of the most the highest-earning TV stars. She joined the reality show in 2008, which catapulted her career further.  

The Real House Wives of New York managed to win the hearts of people, especially women, for a long time. Women loved and hated the characters of this ten-seasoned show because of the wine-swigging, cat-fights, man-sharing, and back-stabbing that took place, along with the classy accessories like jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, and Jelly totes these stars wore on the show.

Similarly, the “distinct humor” of Dolores Catania from the Real Housewives of New Jersey made people laugh and forget their problems, even if it was just for a little while. As the longest-running Housewives show, it brings about endless drama and laughter. 

Plus, the depiction of camaraderie in Bravo’s series, along with giddy-thrill and fashion sense, is why women fell in love with the show.

Fashion icons and relationship specialists like Siggy Flicker became popular quickly when they first made appearances on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her sweet and close friendship with the beautiful Dolores kept the show refreshing for the viewers.

Teresa Giudice is also a fan- favorite of the show.  She joined the show in the first season and has been the center of the drama since then. Thrilling scenes like Teresa flipping the table or having a shouting match with Melissa Gorga set a high bar in the world of reality TV.

Kameron Scott, on the other hand, was loved because of her color choices, cute banters, and ‘ditzy blonde’ personality which go along with interesting accessories like jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, Jelly purses, and jelly totes.

Gizelle Bryant- the African-American lady in the Real Housewives, was another loved character who added her personal experiences of divorce and relationships to the show by giving them friendly advice for the situations. The characters of Emily Simpson and Lizzie Rovsek have also been viewers’ favorites for their witty and hilarious performances.

What’s Common in these Housewives?

These leading ladies are style icons! It explains why they’re an inspiration for so many women. These housewives prefer a fashion that is safe for both their health and the environment. Their preference for sustainable accessories means they choose Carmen Sol’s impeccable designs. The Made in Italy accessories such as jelly sandals, jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags are chic, recyclable, and luxurious. 

Whether it is their Italy flat jelly  sandals, jelly beach bags, jelly handbags, or Jelly purses, Carmen Sol symbolizes a feminine personality and seamless comfort. All things considered, they’re a renowned lifestyle brand that has made its mark on the fashion industry. 

Plus, the eco-conscious brand is a favorite of many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Miss J Alexander, Becky G, Sofia Vergara, Hilaria Baldwin, NIckiminaj Chanel and, Lola Ponce.  You might have seen Beck G and Jenifer Lopez flaunting her jelly wedge sandals and jelly totes in various spots.

Summing Up

If you trust your favorite celebrities’ taste in fashion and want to stay ahead of the curve, Carmen Sol is your best bet.,clothes%20are%20more%20durable%20too.

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