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August 17, 2021 8 min read

As consumers or customers, we are often eager to know whether brands rely on ethical and safe conditions to develop accessories and clothes.

While this pandemic has upended everything, it has given birth to the "new normal." Whether they create functional totes, everyday use weekenders, handbags, footwear, or summer essentials, many brands have revamped their manufacturing approach. "Sustainable fashion" is the new norm to make accessories more usable, safe, and pandemic-friendly and products like jelly handbags, jelly totes, studded jelly sandals and jelly purses are no exception.

Renowned brands, such as Carmen Sol, Givenchy, and Valentino, use a minimalist modern approach to make well-crafted eco-friendly products. The brands dedicate products like pool slides, jelly handbags, and slippers, to environmental and social justice. The sustainable slides are timeless, as you can keep them for decades.

From a night out with friends to a picnic party on vacation, brands are making it easy for customers to fill their closets with high-quality, chic, and ethical staples for women. If you're looking for everyday, stylish pool slides, keep on reading for brands that can develop a statement and timeless products.

 Before we delve into the details to know which brands design these ethical alternatives, let's understand some key aspects differentiating these products.

Ethical Products- What Makes them Different

●       Sustainable Materials

As mentioned earlier, brands are constantly innovating to make ethical alternatives that will bring change. Industries are trying everything to create pandemic-friendly accessories. From replicating textures to subtracting the environmental impact, they are developing futuristic materials for long-lasting items. This is where the role of the material comes into play.

When buying ethical products, you must ensure that they have solvent-free vegan and zero chemicals. Carmen Sol, for instance, designs jelly bags, jelly purses, jelly sandals, jelly totes, jelly hand bags, rubber beach bags, rubber tote bag and studded handbags which are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

If you're buying leather, search for brands or companies using vegetable-tanned or recycled leather.  Vegetable leather means that brands don't have to produce items using animal skin-based materials.

It doesn't end here; many brands upcycle waste textile such as mountain climbing ropes, vintage clothing, and old carpets to create covetable, unique, and stylish slides.

●       Transparency

Transparency is another crucial aspect that contributes to reducing the environmental footprint. You need to look for a brand that focuses on keeping transparency at the forefront.

Buying from family-run and experienced manufacturers is one way to ensure that brands have greater production transparency.

Many reputable lifestyle brands, such as Louboutin and Carmon Sol, produce limited and small-batch jelly handbags, jelly totes, studded jelly sandals, and pool slides. The reason is to minimize the risk of waste and overproduction. Moreover, as brands incorporate such active practices, you can find their information on their website.         

When you easily find information about an eco-friendly brand, it is a good indicator of its transparent business. A transparent brand always shares information about the items, ingredients, and materials used in the products.

●       Timelessness

 Timelessness refers to the lifecycle of the accessories and products you buy. The ethically made jelly bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly totes, and jelly purses are timeless products with long-lasting material, color, and style. They are multifunctional, timeless, and fit into anyone's wardrobe. The brand can repair and customize it to fit customers' needs.

It is worth looking into fabrics you buy to ensure that they are reliable in terms of lifespan and quality. If they are hardwearing, they can withstand years of use. Timelessness also adds to recyclability and biodegradability.

●       Social Impact

There is no way you can overlook the aspect of social impact when it comes to looking for brands developing ethical alternatives. The primary motive behind creating eco-friendly products is to benefit the environment and make a social impact.

You may find many brands that work with artisans to create bags and shoes from locally sourced supplies such as jelly-like substances, jute, raffia, and handwoven brocades. The material not only makes beautiful, vibrant, and cool accessories such as jelly bags, jelly sandals, jelly purses, jelly totes, and flat jelly sandals to celebrate traditions but also tap into the skills of craftspeople.

Brands like Carmen Sol also support local economies to create employment opportunities for many women. It partners with charities as a way to give back to the communities it works with. 

Brands Uplifting the Slide Styles

Carmen Sol

Looking for something chic and ultra-stylish jelly purses or searching for modern studded jelly sandals?

Carmen Sol is your go-to brand. The American lifestyle brand excels at making cool and fashionable pool slides and accessories. Carmen Sol's eco-conscious approach and timeless product range set them apart from other brands.

The brand makes pool slides, jelly bags, and jelly sandals in Italy using the best materials to ensure that buyers don't miss out on a well-appointed and super comfy experience.

The brand offers a fantastic collection of eco-friendly pool slides, jelly handbags, jelly totes, studded jelly sandals and jelly purses bags to add to your collection.

All Franco slides use a rose-infused jelly substance that makes them eco-chic and environmental-friendly. The slide style includes molded footbed that makes it more weatherproof and water-resistant. The simple yet thoughtful design is a key attribute of this footwear.

This ready-to-wear pool slide is just perfect for a casual date, meetings, shopping, and fun beach parties. It comes in a range of cool colors so that you can choose the one according to your personal style statement. Pair it with ultra modern jelly cross body bag or jelly purse to take the look to the next level.

Carmen Sol's Franco pool slides and cross-body bags embody a contemporary yet modern vision.

Moreover, the brand offers these luxury jelly bags and jelly shoes at affordable prices. You can buy a pair of Franco Slides for just $155, which is substantially lower compared to other brands, particularly the ones made in China.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • molded footbed 
  • Studded band 
  • High-Quality Jelly Substance
  • Sustainable -100% recyclable and prop65 compliant)
  • Vegan


The French luxury brand Givenchy has a unique standing as a perfume and fashion house. The brand boasts a collection of haute accessories, couture clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, and footwear. Givenchy is famous for its architectural pieces.

The brand has redefined the clothing and footwear era. The French fashion house is at the forefront of tailoring and craftsmanship in its ready-to-wear couture. And Givenchy Logo pool slides are an example of excellent craftsmanship.

Known for its modern spin, the cool and sustainable pool slides have a unique textile blend with a comfy rubber sole. Manufactured in Italy, the pool slides come with an embroidered logo and stylish Contoured footbed.

 The French lifestyle brand has a reputation for making its own fashion codes. As the fashion house mimics an aristocratic elegance and fresh romanticism, you find the same sensuality in the bags, accessories, and pool slides. The beautiful and comfy pool slides retail for about $372.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • molded footbed 
  • Embroidered Slippers
  • Studded band 
  • Sustainable -100% recyclable Leather and 100% Rubber


Christian Louboutin was a French designer who launched his shoe outlet in Paris in 1991. Since then, his brand has earned a name and reputation for itself with amazing and unique signature red-soled shoes. The brand has embedded the same feature to uniquely –designed pool slides.

 Louboutin pools slides have become must-have footwear. The studded slides are the epitome of style. They are the reworked version of the traditional and classic sliders. The season's fun flat comes with leather straps that are bold tone-on-tone stud embellishments. You can choose from plenty of colors and styles. The fabulous pair retails for around $340 a pair.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Open toe
  • Leather upper
  • Leather lining
  • Slip-on style
  • 100 % pure thermoplastic urethane sole


When looking for a legendary fashion house in Italy, Valentino is undeniably the top choice. Iconic, bold, and luxurious, the Italian fashion house has a 50-year track record of creating oh-so-wow products.

Valentino is a cornerstone of the global fashion scene as it creates evocative fragrances, ready-to-wear clothes, statement-making shoes, and signature handbags with impeccable creativity.

Valentino pool slides, in this regard, are the epitome of style and eco-chic footwear. It uses polymeric material and mixed goatskin leather with a see-through effect. The transparent straps and vibrant color make the pool slides beautiful and comfortable. The slides may seem a little pricey with a price tag of $375, but the product is worth the price.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Platinum-finish studs
  • Anatomically molded leather
  • Covered footbed
  • Polymeric material and mixed goatskin leather

Yeezy by Kanye West

Yeezy is a popular fashion collaboration between Adidas and German Sportswear Company. The company makes comfortable and trendy shoes, slides, and sportswear. The Yeezy Slides are typically Kanye West's interpretation of an essential part of an athlete's shoe rotation.

The sandal-like slides are super comfortable and stylish. The brand has taken an approach to make environment-friendly products. Great for walking, the Yeezy slides use EVA foam to keep the footwear soft, durable and lightweight.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • soft and comfy
  • EVA foam
  • comes with bone lift


Founded in 1919 in Spain by Cristóbal Balenciaga, the legacy-filled house is a prominent force in the fashion world. Although the brand has moved to Paris, it has continued its tradition to push its boundaries in sustainable and ready-to-wear accessories.

The stylish pool slides of Balenciaga are also an ethical alternative to conventional flats. The soft rubber footbed and 3D logo on the top add to pool slides' uniqueness and timelessness. Balenciaga also designs a variety of eco-chic accessories and bags to make products pandemic–friendly.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Slide sandals
  • Molded rubber footbed
  • 3D Balenciaga logo
  • Balenciaga logo on the sole
  • 20mm arch


German brand Birkenstock is one of the oldest companies. Established in 1774, the cork-and-latex footbed of this brand became the prominent feature of these shoes. The same latex footbed is also an exclusive feature of pool slides the brand makes.

 It provides not only all-day support but also uses high-grade, sturdy, and long-lasting materials to enhance the slide's simplicity. The same quality adds to their functionality and design.

 It is eco-friendly and thoughtful production practices of Birkenstock that ensure minimum environmental and waste impact. It doesn't end here; iconic cushioned pool slides come with a rubber-like texture with thin and sleek adjustable straps.

Birkenstock designs the pool slides to provide comfort to leg muscles. The slides' contoured footbed has shock-absorbing qualities and mimics a healthy foot shape while pronouncing metatarsal and medial arches support.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Adjustable straps with unique buckle closure
  • Contoured footbed
  • arch support
  • Synthetic lining and sole

Why Choosing Sustainable Slide Styles from these Brands

The slide is not the latest fashion trend as it has been a mainstay of comfortable footwear for years. It was until 1974, after the launch of the Adilette sandal by Adidas, the pool slides gained the traction they deserved. It was the time when people become familiar with the idea of slide style.

Many international brands designed slide-style footwear as a quick-drying option people can put on post-workout. They became the easy-on-easy-off flats.

Initially, the use was limited to lacrosse games and locker rooms. However, when lifestyle brands like Carmen Sol and Valentino started making chic and eco-friendly slide styles, the underrated footwear became a high-fashion canon.

The cool and timeless designs of slides and other similar products exploded in mainstream fashion.

Wondering why you should choose slide styles?

The pool slides are incredibly functional footwear. They have ascended to class and luxury height with brands like Carmen Sol, Balenciaga, and Gucci. The world-class brands offer cheeky takes and an excellent sporty feel with daily wear accessories like jelly handbags, jelly totes,  studded jelly sandals and jelly purses.

The brands mentioned above have continued to creatively and expertly riff on the slide. Even centuries-old brand Birkenstock has got in on this footwear game, making an EVA version of the iconic buckle-strap design.

You will not get a better option for spending summers than these pool slides. All the designs are chic, timeless, comfy, and SAFE. Colorful footwear such as jelly shoes makes the best ethical alternative to your everyday need. 

Summing Up

All in all, the brands mentioned above have entirely revamped the pool slide styles. They make a significant social impact with their ethical and environmental-friendly approach. Whether you choose slides or any other accessory, the brands use organic, vegan, and cruelty-free materials.

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