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August 17, 2021 3 min read

Consumer awareness is at an all-time high in this era. As you learn about the impact your choices and lifestyle have on the environment, you realize the importance of using sustainable and recycled accessories. The phenomenon is simple as everyone wants to ensure that their family lives a healthy life. Hence, it’s important for you to opt for products that don’t include toxic and harsh chemicals. Experts also stress on only purchasing eco-friendly products such as jelly purses, jelly sandals, jelly bags, and Jelly totes.

Carmensol, in this regard, is a renowned lifestyle brand that considers sustainability to be a top priority. Born in Italy, the brand offers an impeccably designed rose-scented jelly collection that includes jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, and Jelly totes. The affordable luxury brand is eco-chic as all its accessories are 100 percent recyclable. That is to say, Carmen Sol symbolizes personalization, simplicity, and comfort with its environmental friendly jelly purses, jelly  beach bags and jelly wedge sandals.

If you’re a Fashionista looking for an eco-conscious brand, continue reading to find out why Carmen Sol is the best choice.

Carmen Sol- Your Spot for Sustainable and Luxury Products


You might not have heard the phrase “eco-chic.” It is a combination of sustainability and style. That means buying from a brand that excels at making eco-friendly products. Carmen Sol stands out as a lifestyle brand that contributes to highlighting the eco aspects.

The brand understands how important is the health and well-being of the consumers. To accomplish the goal of making eco-friendly products, Carmen Sol evaluated all the aspects that can help it become more sustainable. The brand established a manufacturing process that doesn’t involve any land, water, and air pollution.


Moreover, the lifestyle brand only uses high-quality material and ensures adherence to EU standards for the manufacturing products such as jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, rubber tote bag, studded handbags and Jelly totes. These products are safe for customers and the environment.

Whether you buy jelly bags, jelly sandals, or jelly totes jelly beach wedges from Carmen Sol, everything uses100 percent recyclable materials. The products come in eco-friendly packaging.

Prop-65 Complaint

This is another feature that sets Carmen Sol’s products apart from other brands. The leading company designs or manufactures products that are Prop-65 compliant, meaning nontoxic. It uses scented jelly material, which is animal cruelty-free.

The products like jelly beach bags, jelly wedge sandals, jelly crossbody bags, and Jelly totes has  a subtle fragrance of jelly that never fades away. The company sources the scent from Italy and infusesit into the material.

Sustainable Sources

The jelly material Carmen Sol uses is not only 100 percent recyclable but also cruelty-free and vegan. That means every accessory that you choose from this brand, whether it is jelly purse, jelly beach bag, jelly totes, or jelly wedge sandals, is incredibly unique, stylish, and eco-friendly.

The stylish product range includes bags, shopping bags, hats, bracelets, and shoes. These all items are trendy and can help you make a style statement without impacting the environment. You will find all Carmen’s products water-resistant, and the quality adds to itsdurability.

Summing Up

All in all, many things negatively influence or impact the environment. That is why choosing a brand like Carmen Sol makes the right choice for eco-friendly and sustainable products. The use of PVC Jelly material is the best feature of this company, making it a pioneer of sustainable products.

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