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August 17, 2021 2 min read

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the power their purchases hold when vocalizing their objections. The purpose is to make a difference in society and get their message across the company’s manufacturing these goods. 

Sanitization, in this regard, is an important aspect considering the current pandemic. Whether it is about buying clothes, groceries, tools, shoes, or accessories, sanitization has become crucial. The virulent disease has paralyzed countries and threatens people’s health throughout the world.  

Carmen Sol has always considered consumers’ health and wellbeing its top priority. Their compelling nature sets their products of this brand apart from the rest. The leading company has been designing or manufacturing products that are non-toxic and sustainable. Now, keeping the current scenario in mind, the renowned lifestyle brand has added a “sanitizable aspect” to all its products that includes jelly shoes, jelly bags, jelly bracelets.

Let’s delve into the details to learn more about the importance of using Sanitizaible products.

Why Sanitizing Fashion Accessories is Important? 

Amidst the pandemic, the need to sanitize everyday household items is crucial to protecting your health. Likewise, disinfecting your fashion accessories, such as shoes and bags, can help reduce the chance of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

The virus can stay active for hours (or even days), which can make it especially dangerous. By wiping off your bags and shoes regularly, you can eliminate the possibility of infection considerably.

What Role does Carmen Sol Play to Make a Difference with its Sanitizaible Aspect

As mentioned earlier, the consumer’s health and wellbeing are what matters the most to Carmen sol.  We understand that washing hands or social distancing is not enough to keep the virus or bacteria from affecting you.

You need EXTRA protection, and that is where the role of “products’ sanitizaiblity” comes into play. And that is where Carmen Sol makes a name for itself over other brands. You can wash, wipe, and most importantly, sanitize all products, including jelly bags, rubber beach bags, rubber tote bag, jelly crossbodies, metallic jelly sandals, beach wedges, jelly shoes, studded handbags or studded purses and jelly bracelets.

However, not all materials can retain their original sheen and lustrous look if you sanitize them frequently. Their handbags, sandals, and other fashion accessories make you look more glamorous. Furthermore, you can sanitize them as much as you want, without worrying about affecting their quality.

Now you have the perfect reason to dress up without any fear. Check out our impressive collection of chic and contemporary fashion jelly bags, jelly shoes, washable jelly bracelets, and gold flat sandals that you can easily disinfect.

Summing Up

It is hard to find a lifestyle brand that is sustainable, eco-chic and designs sanitizable products. Carmen Sol is the only brand offering all these essential qualities in the products. Don’t compromise your health and invest in the right products for you and your loved ones.

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