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September 21, 2021 3 min read

Oh yes, the jelly purse! Jelly purses, sandals, and bags are back in style and better than they ever were. What makes them better? They are sustainable, chic, and they stay clean. No woman should ever have to worry about her bag, and if she has a bag for every occasion that is sexy and functional, she never will need to worry again. Don't forget that all our jelly purses are 100% recyclable and all come with an eco-friendly dust bag and packaging.

The Alice Mini Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a perfect evening bag when she wants to be trendy and also have a bag that is good for any vacation. This is a vacation must. It comes in all mid and larger sizes as well, so when she wants a bag for day that converts to a handbag in the evening, just remove the strap. It’s perfect everywhere.

The Crossbody Bag

Every woman needs a crossbody bag. They are versatile and work at all times of the day. They can be formal and informal, and they are easy to carry. It has a long strap, that can go over one shoulder and hang on the opposite hip. Everything is right there, where it is easily accessed, and there is no need to carry anything. Crossbody jelly purses come in mini (Lisa style), mid (Toni), and large sizes (Fico), and they come in a range of colors, too! These jelly bags are a hands-free style at its best.

The Julian Pochette Clutch

A jelly purse to carry alone or to fit inside any other jelly purses, this one is small, a clutch bag, and ready for anywhere. It is lovely enough to stand alone as a bag, and it is small enough to be thrown inside a larger tote bag when you need more. Jelly bags in this size are truly essential because they can carry small items that need their own space.

The Tote

Jelly purses also are available in totes! Every woman has a tote bag. They carry everything. Just throw what you need in the bag, including your smaller clutch bag. Everything is there. The large tote can serve as a beach bag, shopping bag, and carryall in one. Carmen Sol offers four sizes of jelly totes: from the large size Angelica to the mid jelly tote Seba, to the mini Grazia and the micro mini Miriam.

Why does every woman need a jelly purse?

Jelly purses and bags are great because they are worry free. There is no need to think about wet bathing suits, sand, or ocean water. Those things won’t damage these bags. The jelly bags are made from sustainable, non-toxic PVC material, and they are 100% recyclable and sanitizable. Does she love bright colors or metallics? With jelly fabric, it is her choice. There are four metallic shades and over a dozen different bright colors to go with. Sandals and other accessories match the bags, too.

If there is any question about what size or color to choose, just check out the size chart and see the wide range of jelly purses available from Carmen Sol. They are useful, recyclable, and they smell great. All our jelly purses are rose scented, made in Italy, and vegan. No matter which, they are useful and functional for any time or place.

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