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September 04, 2021 2 min read

Are you looking for a stunning pair of designer jelly shoes? Then you need the best! From Tonino Wedges to Maria Flat Sandals, you have plenty of styles and brands to choose from—so let’s take a dive into the top five designer jelly shoes on the market today and why you’ll love them.

Carmen Sol’s Tonino Wedges

You can’t have a list of incredible designer jelly shoes without the Carmen Sol Tonino Wedges—they’re extremely popular and for good reason. They’re a 4.8” tall heel with a 1.5” platform, made of the highest-quality Italian PVC and manufactured in Italy. Tonino Wedges feature studded straps, defined outsole ridges, and cushioned inner soles, making for a fashionable and comfortable experience. These lovely shoes come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, even boasting a gorgeous metallic option.
Unlike many designer shoes on the market, the Carmen Sol jelly shoes are made from vegan, non-toxic materials that can be completely recycled in compliance with prop65. This is a crucial aspect of the Carmen Sol brand to be aware of, for any consumers that wish to avoid companies with environmental or animal exploitation.

Gucci Slide Sandals

Gucci’s slide sandals are another popular option for consumers. These sandals come with a thick 2.4” heel and a .8” platform, featuring a large Gucci logo on the front band. Gucci slide sandals are available in three colors: transparent rubber, red transparent rubber, and white transparent rubber. All of these have rubber soles, making them a great option for consumers that don’t plan to wear them for extended periods of time or may be wearing them near water.

Moschino ‘Classic’ Jelly Sandals

You also can’t forget about Moshino’s ‘classic’ jelly sandals. These are close-toe sandals that come in black, with the Moschino logo in gold across the front. The upper shoe is made of polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom of the shoe--including the sole--is made completely of rubber. Moshinos make an excellent option for consumers that are looking for a bit of nostalgia.

Melissa Melting Boccaccio + Rombaut Jelly Shoes

Ever wanted designer jelly shoes, but as a sneaker? This cool new option has you covered. This Melissa Melting Boccaccio + Rombaut prides itself mostly on being “hardcore vegan,” and its messages about the climate crisis, making them a good practical or statement piece for any consumer.

Carmen Sol’s Maria Flat Sandal

If you’re looking for a designer jelly shoe and want something both comfortable and chic, Carmen Sol has you covered with the Maria Flat Sandal. It’s constructed in their top-tier Italian PVC, featuring a studded toe and strap, cushioned inner sole, and defined outer ridges--all available in four eye-catching metallic shades.

The Maria Flat Sandal is vegan, 100% recyclable, compliant with prop65, and it’s also built to last--this water, stain, and scuff-resistant shoe is one that will last you a much longer time than many competitors. If you’re a consumer looking for style, comfort, and environmental care all in one package then this is the option for you.

Overall, there are some amazing designer jelly shoes to consider, from Tonino wedges to Maria Flat Sandals. You deserve shoes that you’ll fall in love with, so be sure to take your time and find some beautiful pairs that speak to you.

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